Course Location: 2800 Skymark Ave Unit 31 Mississauga L4W 5A6 or Virtual instructor-led training course

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Dates/Times: As per Calendar and see below

Cost: $640 plus 13% HST

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Course Overview

This 1-day course training will teach you what to do with food safety system you have in place or how to develop Prevention Control Plan (PCP) program in order to meet requirements of The Safe Food for Canadians.

Who Should Attend

• Food Safety & Quality Assurance Managers

• Auditors

• Food Safety Consultants

• Food Industry Plant Personnel

• Food Safety Trainers

Note: Previous knowledge of prerequisite programs and/or HACCP plan

Key Topics

•The principles of Prevention Control Measures

• How to develop Product Description Worksheet

• How to develop Process flow Diagram

• How to develop Traffic flow Diagram

• How to develop Hazard Identification and Evaluation Worksheet

• How to develop Control Measures Worksheet

• How to develop Critical Control Point Determination Worksheet

• How to develop Critical Control Point Procedure

• How to develop Verification Procedure for Control Measures

• Implement and maintain the PCP Program

• Establish a working PCP for the attendees

• What is the difference between a HACCP plan/prerequisite program (FSEP) and a preventive control plan/preventive measures?

• How to use your GFSI program and follow Safe Food for Canadians regulations?

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