Course Location: 2800 Skymark Ave Unit 31 Mississauga L4W 5A6 or Virtual instructor-led training course

Course Duration: 1day

Course Dates/Times: As per Calendar

Cost: $740.00 + HST 13%

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Course Overview

Food Technology Consulting offers a 1-day risk assessment training where your delegates will learn how to identify, evaluate, and estimate the essential levels to assess and mitigate the risks associated with your management system of risks involved in your existing of future processes thus determining and implementing appropriate control process.

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at anyone in your company directly or indirectly involved in:

• Quality Assurance Manager & Food Safety Personnel

• Product Development / R & D Manager

• Engineering

• Supply Chain Managers

• Procurement/ Purchasing

Previous Knowledge

Fundamental knowledge of:

• HACCP Plans/ Food Safety Plan

• Understanding of GMP

Key Topics

• Understand risk assessment terminology.

• Be able to choose and use different risk assessment models for processes onsite.

• Understand what BRC Global Standards expects from a thorough risk assessment.

Course Material

You will receive a copy of slides related to presented material.

Food Technology Consulting International Inc. has worked with various government, ministry and private bodies on different projects.