Auditing Service

Whether you want to prepare for GFSI benchmarked standards certification, for FSMA or SFCR compliance, or access the food supply chain, you need to demonstrate your commitment to food safety through GMP/ GDP, HACCP, or GFSI compliance.

The Food Technology Consulting International Inc. team is ready to help. We do the following services:

  • GAP Assessment to help clients to bridge the gaps between their current food safety management system (GMP/ GDP, HACCP, or GFSI) and a certification-level system. A Gap Assessment is also useful when a new version of a standard is released or in between audits to keep clients’ sites audit-ready.
  • Pre- Audits to identify and assess the company’s preparedness to successfully pass GMP/ GDP, HACCP, or GFSI Standards. Our pre-audit is comprehensive and will assist you to identify items or any areas of concern or gaps in your system, before the regulatory or third-party audits.
  • Internal Audits to ensure this key component of any GFSI audit is completed. In addition to being a critical element of the food safety program verification, internal audits are one of the most common items that companies receive non-conformities for in an audit. Our team of trained internal auditors will develop a strong internal audit program thoroughly planned out, and in-depth.
  • Unaccredited GMP or GDP and HACCP audit for food or food packaging manufacturers, and distribution and storage that will assists companies to improve their food safety and quality systems and meeting the legal requirements of food safety standards. Upon completion of a successful GMP/GDP or HACCP audit, and completion of any corrective actions, we will issue a non-accredited compliance certificate indicating a company’s Good Manufacturing Practices/Good Distribution Practices/HACCP programs are effective.

Food Technology Consulting International Inc. has worked with various government, ministry and private bodies on different projects.